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Showing posts from November, 2004

Natalie Portman has mixed emotions regarding the conclusion of the Star Wars prequels

Which is far more emotion than she displayed when she was acting in the prequels. But then, anything is more than zero. I know what I'm thankful for this holiday season: after May, there will be no more Star Wars disasters coming from the addled mind of George Lucas. Unfortunately I know he's going to get my $10 once again. I've come too far to not see the finish, even as bad as the teaser trailer has looked.

If I can...

...smell your perfume (or cologne) for several minutes after you leave the area, I have to assume 1 of 2 things: 1) Your olfactory nerve has become paralyzed by your frequent dousings of scent and you have to use quantities that would probably kill small laboratory testing animals. 2) You don't bathe. Artificial scents are gawdaful and people who use them have to use more than anyone else can stand, because their nose actually does become paralyzed and cannot smell as well. This includes perfumes, colognes, scented body washes and shampoos. This is your body's way of telling you that artifiicial scents are not good. Please heed it and just say no. Dryer sheets are bad, too. Especially in a condominium complex. Just say no. Our noses (and yours) will say "thank you."

Moroccan food is good. Who knew?

If you're looking for something a little different, and you're in the Fairfax district of LA, check out Chameau . It's this cute little moroccan restaurant. It's a little pricey and a little loud, but the food is good and the decor righteously hip. They're serving alcohol these days, contrary to outdated reports that they are BYOB. Some friends took us there Friday night. The appetizers are to die for. The deep fried mussels with yogurt dressing are sublime. Eat it, you'll like it.

I hate colds.

The cold is a strange thing. Nothing knocks you on your butt quite like a cold can. Pound for pound it's probably the most effective illness at debilitating you, considering what it does. And that's the rub, because what are we talking about? Some coughing, sinus problems. It's not like I just tore up my ankle. But this week I stayed home more days than the time I DID tear the hell out of my ankle. Oh well. I am now on my seventh day of symptoms, although I have been able to work full days the last three. I hate colds.