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Poster Review: Friends with Kids

Nicely kerned and leaded title on this. The first tagline makes sense, but why is there a second tagline in a different font? Odd choice. The eyelines and planes of existence at the bottom would require some serious quantum computing to explain what's going on. And now the Poster Review Players: Maya Rudolph: You mean this isn't Bridesmaids 2? Chris O'Dowd: Hey baby, you want to hear my stories from The IT Crowd ? I've got an accent! Kristen Wiiiiiiiiiig: I amso s mmaaaaaas hed !!! !! John Hamm: I don't know who that blonde is, but I'm totally going to hit it. Adam Scott: How did I get first billing? Jennifer Westfeldt: How did I make the poster? Megan Fox and Ed Burns: Seriously.

Methinks disinterested barista needs to get her hearing checked.

At Milk.