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Somebody stop George

Things I'm OK With: Fixing shoddy light saber effects. Fixing the puppeteer's Wampa arm. Removing visible matt lines from around TIE Fighters. Increasing contrast on rear-projection and blue screen effects shots. Things I'm NOT OK With: Greedo shooting first. Any added "restored" shots (I'm looking at you, Jabba Jr.) Any added CGI. Any NEW shots.  Hayden Christiansen. This: Clear?

Poster Review: Machine Gun Preacher

The little boy isn't holding Butler's hand, so just WHERE IS HIS HAND GOING? Good job on making the two of them appear to be lit from a similar light source. A pity that the background is lit from the opposite direction. (Image from  I Watch Stuff )

Poster Review: We Need To Talk About Kevin

Hells yes. OK, it's not perfect. Tilda's dressing gown could be better resolved at the bottom, and the blown out look on the guy's face would be better if it wasn't so clearly a Photoshop contrast push. And the title treatment is a bit awkward with the 't' not aligning with the side of the 'N'. But I love the vibe, the color and the type layout. Excellent reference to the aesthetic of Rosemary's Baby. More old-school posters like this, please. (Images from )

Poster Review: And They're Off

Don't look at this one. Please. The bad Photoshopping in it may make you blind. Just don't. ... ... ... ... /sigh OK, but I warned you: Have your retinas refocused? No? Well, you can always do text-to-speech on this one if you're on a Mac, don't know about Windows users. What is cool about this one is that it proves that Sean Astin exists in another dimension from ours, appearing to us according to his will, not our laws of physics. It really is remarkable. What's that? You don't believe me? Well then, you explain how it is that Sean is lit by a different source from Ms. Oteri and her horse? Or how he is standing a good yard in front of the horse, while still managing to jam his should up the poor equine's butt, without resorting to Reed Richards-like stretching action? It's not possible. He's like a time lord or something. Bonus points for the straight apostrophe in the title. And the almost-red 'O'. So many things off about this one. (Im