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Poster Review: Drive Angry (Man with Two Heads)

Floating heads are OK. Floating heads with clear separation would be better.

Poster Review: The Dilemma

Nothing especially remarkable or ground-breaking about this one. Apparently having Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, and "A New Comedy From Ron Howard" has been deemed enough information to determine that this is a comedy. What's it about? Well, it's a dilemma! Vaughn! James! Bringing the funny! Don't you get it? It's going to be FUNNY! The positioning of the title indicates that there's something that's come between these two funny men. The "The" in the title is a little bit designed, with how it breaks the line of Vaughn's shoulder, but is otherwise unremarkable. At least it's not Gill Sans or Futura Extra Bold (comedy poster staples). All in all, very unremarkable. What's awesome about this, though, is that the studio approved an illustrated poster for a live action comedy. Bravo!

Former Demonhunter turns Creative Director?

For a guy without eyes, Illidan Stormrage has turned in a damn fine movie poster here: