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Foreshortening Disasters, Part 1

OK, maybe the foreground hand isn't totally wrong, but what the hell is going on with his other arm? And his midsection? This looks like at least 5 different photos were used, which, if you're counting, is generally 3 too many. On the bright side, at least it's not comedy white, nor Futura XB.

More Google case issues

This was an ad I noticed in an App I use to manage game mods. Why is 'Around' in title case, but not 'fast'? Does anyone at Google look at these things before they go out?

Google's case pRoblem

Why is Google slavishly all-lowercase with their blue page titles?  It's one thing to eschew the Title Case, but there's no reason not to intercap a word, especially, when, I dunno, you've got it right next to the proper usage. Google apparently has no art directors, but I had no idea that they don't have editors either. Since they've arguably failed on the 'evil' part of their mission statement, how about 'don't be ugly' as a compromise?