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Chromebook and Google's Arrogance

Michael Mace of MobileOpportunity has a  thoughtful blog post  on the Chromebook vs. Windows. He's not a fan of Google Docs as a complete replacement for Word (or any other native word processor): "Since Google does not seem to be focused on fixing Docs, it's theoretically possible that some other app developer could create an online replacement for Office that really works, and offer it on Chromebooks.  But who would want to invest in that area when Google Docs is there as a competitor?  Docs is just good enough to hinder innovation, but not good enough to take out Office." Then again, I'm not sure anyone outside of the Free Software as Religion crowd is a giant fan of Google Docs.  "Besides, Google did a couple of sessions at IO comparing web app development to native app development.  They all concluded that web app development was better for content-playing applications, and that for productivity apps you need native software.  And native software is exac

Poster review: Tintin

A nearly perfect poster. Color palette, layout, oh-so-gorgeous rendering on the title. My only complaint is that the billing block type feels too horsey. Our hero is obscured enough that it's too early to tell if this look is going to drown in the uncanny valley along with The Polar Express, but for now it looks like it may be right on. Snowy has been knocked out of the damn park, no matter what the people end up looking like.


Look, I've seen the originals. I've even (unfortunately) sat through all the prequels in a paid seat in the theatre. This painting doesn't make any sense. At least, not without an explanation, and that's kind of not the point with illustrations. But kudos upon kudos for going with an actual honest-to-god illustration on a major live-action home release.

Poster Review: More First Class

This one is marginally better than the last one. The tilted horizon doesn't bug as much. But Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) seems to have a very bad case of restless leg syndrome. Or he's really hurrying to make it into the shot. And whatever you do, don't really look at what's going on with the angles on everyone else's feet and legs. Or you will go mad.