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Our complaints to the PTBC. There was a lot to say. They liked our suggestion on law changes to ensure jokers can't do this kind of thing again.

Poster Review: The Dark Knight Rises (III)

With the rapid approach of the final chapter in Chris Nolan's sublime Batman tale, we're getting more poster goodness dumped upon us. And for the most part, they're really good. New character posters: These approch perfection. The color is great, the grit and texture are phenomenal. My only complaint is the use of "RISE" on all. Maybe it's the only solution, but I think the Bane and Catwoman versions need a different word up there. Other than that, these may be my favorite character posters since The Matrix Reloaded set. I believe the next one may be a little older, although not as old as the first one , which is an example of an absolutely perfect teaser poster. This one bugs. The integration of the fire is great. Not sure about the tagline though. Doesn't quite work. Worse is the shot of Bats. The lighting is so incongruous with the background that it makes the whole thing look fan-made. Unfortunate.