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My Review

(I actually started writing this the day after I saw it. It's taken a while to get around to finishing it.) I'm glad I didn't do the midnight show. First, a little background on my involvement with George Lucas's creation, known as Star Wars. I was not even two when the first Star Wars was unleashed upon the world. Back then, it was just Star Wars —the sub-title "A New Hope" was added later (which is ironic, considering the much more objectionable changes later made to the original films by Lucas.) But I have always known Star Wars. It is the first film I remember seeing. My brother and I had a good percentage of the original toys, we actually still do. I've dressed up as Star Wars characters for Halloween and I've watched every Star Wars spinoff, even the Ewoks movies. I have owned the original trilogy in 3 different incarnations on video. I have a print of Darth Vader hanging in my house and until the last few years I've continued to col


 "Will be remembered as one of the greatest movies ever made. 'Classic' isn't kind enough a word for this gem. The best film to be unleashed onto the public in 25 years!" -- Alex Sandell, JUICY CEREBELLUM Calm down, big boy. Calm down.

Take that, tubby!

$21.7MM opening. I like to think that Douglas would be proud. If you haven't seen it yet and you liked the books, I do recommend it. There's a definite plot, and a lot of things are different, but the essence is there. It's also such a joy to see practical creature effects again. The CGI is great, especially when they get to Magrathea, but the aliens are wonderful creations of Jim Henson's shop. When you see the Vogons, you'll wonder why GL had to go all-CGI with his creatures. 4 stars out of 5