Thursday, April 14, 2005

In case you were wondering..., we are not dead.

...yes, we are very happy that the Lakers are officially out of the playoffs. But this does not end our "Down with KBB" mindset!

...yes, there will be Titanium Pimpsticks™ for sale here soon in this spot. Shill, shill, shill!, and you don't want to, either.

...yes, he was a groovy kind of guy. Not perfect, but hey: who is?

...42. Don't you read?

...yes, she is a skank. Dating, shtupping and marrying a scumbag is skanky. It doesn't matter that she's currently married to the guy. This pregnancy just underlines the skankiness.

...Gil is dead. he's not.

...that's right, we're coming to NYC in May for a bit. Or at least NYC-adjacent.

...yes, he is dead. If not, why isn't he posting?

...the new Beck is good. Buy it. No, not the beer. But it's OK to buy beer, too.


Wulfenjarl said...

Sleep is good, my friend.

Sleep is good....

Myster said...

Skankiness I don't deny. But there's a clear distinction between skankiness and sluttiness. That's where I take issue.