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Further Evidence of the Demise of Originality

I offer this:

I don't object to the poster design. In fact, I kind of like it, although I would have done some things differently. But this marks the 938th time that "Terror has a new name" or some variation thereof has been used to promote a horror film. It's time to retire the line into the cliché wing of the Copywriter's Hall of Fame. Post haste.

Further, it doesn't even work in this case. Which name are they talking about? The Jacket? The copy line is near the actor's name, not the title. So does this mean that 'Brody' is the new name of terror? Maybe Knightley is. Her teeth are certainly scary, but I'm not sure they inspire terror in anybody. I think you'd have to be a bit dodgy in the heart to have anything to fear from either of these two.

Visually, this poster isn't an improvement on the first two, one of which offered up the ugliest picture yet seen of the not-so-attractive Keira Knightley. The first two were quite daring in their technique, which elevated them past the "big head" posters that they are. This new one is OK, but pushes no boundaries and plays it pathetically safe.


Blog ho said…
I'd probly go with something more like, Terror has a middle name. that's kinda weak. maybe...Terror's nickname in school was Assface. That's a little better. Following the rule of threes I'll think of one more. Terror does not sound so terrible when Hawwy Pottah says it, cause then it sounds like Tewwow.
Maia said…
Wait, Terror has a new name... and the name is Jacket? Well, I guess Blanket was technically already taken. Damn that Michael Jackson. Always the innovator.
Zach Pennington said…
Ho, I think you could get work writing copy in Hollywood. The town is practically named after you already. Fulfill your destiny!
Anonymous said…
Whoa. I never look at another movie poster again without holding it to a higher standard.
Zach Pennington said…
LBB, now you understand my curse. I even find myself criticizing the font selection of ads, book covers, etc. I can't stop.
Captain Mog said…
Thats cuz yer a nerd Darth. Saw da' X-Files movie wit this guy ans' all he could talk 'bout was the fonts in da' openin' credits. Still loves ya though.
Anonymous said…
How about 'Terror has a new nickname...or Terror has a new blog?'

For me it'll be Terror has a new callsign.

That first poster was pretty terrifying, but not in a scary way...just nasty looking.
Anonymous said…
hey darth -

if you're strung out on type and love the movies, this will certainly keep you up late (assuming you haven't seen it) -


ps - your blog gives me hope for blogkind everywhere.

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