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Monday Miscellany #3

  • Apparently Sony's Everquest 2 has added a new "feature". If you type "/pizza" the game launches Pizza Hut's web site, so you can order a pie whilst slaying dragons or virtually wooing an elven princess. This beats the former method, which was spending 5 minutes on the phone with a good pizzeria, ordering something that would actually be edible. The online comic Crtl-Alt-Del has taken this "innovation" to its logical conclusion. Joy.

  • Bad Cover Alert™: Some bimbo named Katrina Carlson has forsaken all credibility or originality and covered the classic "Drive" by The Cars. Another case of trying to cash in on someone else's brilliance, this abomination adds absolutely nothing to the original. Ben Orr is spinning in his grave, no doubt. I was driving (no pun intended) Sunday night when we heard this crap being pushed over the airwaves and into the car's stock radio. The resulting hysteria of both of us simultaneously trying to stop the demon incantation, coupled with the Seattle storm we've been having in Southern California almost ended in complete tragedy. We both hope that that jogger is OK. He certainly came down hard after hitting the hood.

  • Bad Cover Alert™ #2: "Dirty Laundry" by Lisa Marie Presley. I like Lisa Marie and I wish her success, but this is not the way to go about it. Some tunes don't need to be covered. Ever. Of course, this might be better than listing to the latest Jennifer Lopez, but I can think of about 9 dental procedures that would fit that bill.

  • Jessica Alba apparently is done sleeping around. I know this is tough to hear, but you'll get over it. I promise.

  • This might be the way to make a movie. Let Oliver Stone royally screw it up, then just don't do what he did. At least you can't do any worse, right?

  • What? Today's Tuesday you say? I was on holiday yesterday, so piss off.
  • Comments

    Latigo Flint said…
    Nice! And thanks, I was getting a little tired of looking at A. Brody's right eye.
    Captain Mog said…
    Oliver Stone... bad movie. Nawww. Ya'all don' watch an Oliver Stone movie, ya endure it. I likes ta' stick forks in ma eyes an' scream like sum one pinched my hemorrhoid, thas the only way I could "watch" The Doors.
    Cad Grublygold said…
    I'm with you on this bad remake shit, I heard a gastly hip hop remake of the clasic song Walk This Way wile rooting through the trash at the local laundry mat. needless to say I burned the place to the ground in protest.
    Maia said…
    Please tell me you're kidding about the "Walk This Way" comment.
    Zach Pennington said…
    LF--I always aim to please.

    Gil--I have yet to find someone who saw the Doors more than once.

    LBB--Thanks for stopping by.

    Cad--Sometimes the hundreds of miles between here and Merced isn't far enough.

    Myster--Cad is a former banker who lives under a bridge, so he may not be too up on current (or even 20 year-old) pop culture.
    I may be wrong but I don't think that Cad was talking about the Run DMC cover with Aerosmith, but the latest one by Marcy Grey who really wrecked the song, but hey you can listen to its ghastlyness on i-tunes.
    Captain Mog said…
    Hey! This Monday Miscellany is jus' like last weeks. Dang, ya'all post less den' me Darthy.
    Blog ho said…
    Jessica Alba was sleeping around? FUCK. I hear all the good news too late.

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