Thursday, December 08, 2011

Poster Review: American Reunion


Mena Suvari: I can't believe we're just re-doing the original movie's poster layout. This is so embarrassing.
Sean William Scott: DUUUUUUDE! That joke is even funnier than it was 12 years ago, brah!
Eddie Kay Thomas: I haven't said anything, Sean, I'm scoping out that P.A. off-poster.
Chris Klein: I can't believe Jason's ass looks that good in a suit. Dayum!
Thomas Ian Nicholas: This means we're gonna keep doing these, right? This franchise is my only gig that isn't always straight-to-DVD. Guys? Please?
Jason Biggs (to camera): Don't you wish you knew what I'm doing with my hands right now?

More thoughts about this one:

1. Everyone loves gravity-defying pie.
2. I'm a little surprised Natasha Lyonne is even alive.
3. I'm even more surprised to discover that she's now Jason Biggs conjoined-twin sister.

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