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Monday Miscellany #2

The Razzies, that protector of quality in film, have sold out and gone political, nominating Bush and others for Worst Acting honors for Jabba the Moore's film of last summer.

We need to send a Terminator back in time to kill Axl Rose right after he completes laying down vocals for Use Your Illusion albums. This is a good thing on many fronts. It prevents the band from being ruined by Axl. It stops The Spaghetti Incident from ever being contemplated. The 3.5 GnR albums would be elevated even higher because of what might have been. And several years later, Courtney Love-Cobain won't kill Kurt and make it look like a suicide because it would just look like he was being an Axl copycat. Let's get our scientists on this!

Was I the only one who was hoping that Terrell Owens would slip and snap his broken leg in two when he was jumping up and down on the bench Sunday? At least the Eagles get to be dismantled by the Pats, bringing a lousy NFL season to a thankful end.


Anonymous said…
What ever happened to Axl, anyway. And what was the incident involving spaghetti?
Zach Pennington said…
The Spaghetti Incident was a horrible decision by GnR: an album of punk covers. I have friends who refuse to believe that it ever happened in the first place. Truly awful.

I hear Axl is growing purple cows on a floating city off the coast of Malta. He lives with a life size Pillsbury Doughboy and eats only tacos.
Mike R. said…
No, you weren't the only one hoping T.O. would slip and fall. I think his presence may keep the game close, but the Pats are just too good of a team for Philly to beat. Unlike Mike Vick Tom Brady can throw a ball ten yards and know where its going. I think something along the lines of 24-20 Pats. I don't think they cover the seven point spread, but they won't need a kick to win this one.
Cad Grublygold said…
I'm with you on the T.O. thing, as well what the hell was up with the Eagles and their two minuet drill?? They were all strolling up to the line like the game was in the bag. Did they forget what the score was?? Mabey the offence forgot what team they played for. I'm thinking that all my frantic jurry rigging to install cable under my bridge was a big waste of time after that Superbowl performance.

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