Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sunday sports thoughts

I think that if next year the Broncos make the playoffs and wind up in a match-up up with the Indianapolis Peyton Mannings, the NFL needs to step in and replace said Broncos with the 7th seed. It would probably make for a much better game.

In other sports news, it's official--the NY Mets have lost their collective minds.

Of course, you could also argue that Carlos Beltran has lost his mind for agreeing to go to the Metropolitans and treating the Astros (with whom he was one game from the World Serious) like garbage. I would not disagree with you.

If you were to say that Scott Boras is the devil, or is at least having NIN's "Closer"-type sexual relations with Beelzebub, I would say you were quite observant.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
darthmoridin said...

I had to remove the previous comment from an anonymous poster as it caused much confusion with people it shouldn't have had anything to do with.

Latigo Flint said...

The potential repercussions of such comments and their context probably never crossed that uncouth ruffian's mind. I'm sure he wishes he had taken a different tack.