Friday, March 18, 2005


The jury did not believe that Lil' Kim's sunglasses kept her from noticing that it was her friends who were shooting people outside the Hot 97 radio station. Apparently she misplaced the manual for her Joo Janta 200 Peril-Sensitive Sunglasses™. The jury, having not personally experienced the usefulness of having sunglasses that turn progressively black in the presence of danger, thought she was just a liar. Zaphod could have told them that a person wearing such sunglasses would definitely not seen anyone shooting anyone else under any circumstances.

The interesting thing about the above article is not that Lil' Kim is the first female rap star to go to prison, but that this radio station is the place where rap entourages go to have shootouts.
"Hot 97 is the same station where the posses of 50 Cent and The Game traded bullets last month."
Hot 97 is the new OK Corral!

We may have just found a career for Latigo that would make good use of his skills. He just needs to hook up with a rap posse. Are there any C&W rappers out there who need the fastest gun in the modern world?


Latigo Flint said...

I'd take a bullet for Dwight Yoakam... all the rest o' them's on their own.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Li'l' Kim should have testified against her peeps.

The only thing harder than jail time is jail time when you've got money on the outside.

darthmoridin said...

LF -
I understand your position on DY (miserably mis-cast in Panic Room), but I don't think you would see much action working for him. I thought you would be able to display your skills much more often working for someone like Jay-Z. Besides, I know you're a big NWA fan...

Do you speak from experience?