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I want my golden ticket. I want it now.

Tim Burton's version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will be the greatest movie of all time. Sorry, Brian, but the title will belong to The Life Aquatic only until CatCF ascends to its rightful place atop the highest of peaks. It will burn that 70's abomination that was the Gene Wilder version from our collective consciousness. I have longed for such a scouring since before time became time.

If you liked that other version, you either haven't read the book or you like to punch kittens. I am not discounting the possibility that both apply to some of you.


Rube Waddell said…
How can you start your blog with a series of intelligent, well informed posts and then crap all over yourself with this one? Shocking.

Yes, JOHNNY DEPP will be amazing in Edward Sciscorhands' Nightmare before Beetlejuice and the Chocolate Factory... but to disparage Gene Wilder in the original makes me ill. That was a revolutionary movie. It was a brilliant film and a magical (and I don't care to throw that word around) performance by Wilder. Yes.. the kid who played Charlie gave arguably the worst performance in a great movie ever... but the visuals still hold up and Gene Wilder was the best.

Johnny Depp is my favorite current actor and I am excited to see the new one... but let's not speak poorly of a movie made 30 years ago.

And also... let's not compare the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou with Chuck and the ChocFac. It's apples to oranges and you are obviously a biased Burton fan.

Signed, A biased W. Anderson fan
Zach Pennington said…
Obviously both apply to you.

[Darthmoridin makes a note in his little black book.]
Anonymous said…
I agree with every single word the Rube wrote. I consider myself an independent thinker, perfectly capable of forming my own opinions, but in this case there simply is no need. (BTW, I've never punched a kitten, but I have been known to take their cuddly cuteness up in my big calloused hands and slowly start to squeeeeeeeze.)

Zach Pennington said…
Oh, good. My first "Me too!" comment. I am that much closer to achieving full internet stereotype status with this blog. If I can get a couple of comments decrying the sellout status of web comics, bloggers, and/or The Pope or the evil nature of large corporations, I can post on Slashdot.

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