Tuesday, December 07, 2004

If you like Radiohead, I recommend this


It's a Flash "video" of RH's acoustic rendition of "Creep". It's exquisite. It reminds one of how freaking good Radiohead were.

Not that they aren't still good. They don't suck. But starting with "Kid A", they stoped making the timeless classics that they could churn out like so much lovely butter. If you're into the whole "we're artists and we can do what we want" then fine. But creating songs that communicate to a wider audience does not equal sellout. Releasing songs that are unintelligible, or jamming on an obscure cut for 30 minutes on stage in the middle of your set (hello, Mr. Corgan) is raising a pudgy middle finger to the peeps who made you successful.

If you don't want people to listen anymore, then just stop putting your product out there. It will make it much harder for us to give you money for it. If you want to do it from the get-go, then fine. I won't complain, because I won't know who you are. But when you do one thing and people like it and then you change it so radically that most of those same people now wonder what kind of small rodent has run up your trousers, you should probably take a good look at what you're doing.

Being artistic is fine. Progressing as an artist is to be applauded. But making your art more inaccessible is not.

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